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Get this dough on the road

It had been a while since I had tried making cookies, and I will be honest, I’m a sucker for the big gooey cookies you can buy at the shops. With the weather being rather dull I wanted a pick me up and decided I would try a new recipe for Red Velvet Cookies. Reading … More

Millionaires have it all

Recently one of our TED team broke out the baking ingredients and had a go at one of Jane’s Patisserie recipes for Biscoff Millionaires Traybake. We were all in awe at the perfect straight edges she managed to cut when showing us her baking! For the Homemade Caramel In a large saucepan pour in the … More

Birthday Cake!

As my partners birthday was coming up, I thought since we couldn’t really do anything or go anywhere I would made a fab cake! My only issue was that obviously he was going to be in the house the entire time, and I was hoping to keep the cake a surprise. I took inspiration from … More

No Need to be so Mallow-dramatic

As much as I enjoy baking for my family, I love to bake cakes and other goodies to give others! Last Christmas we were given a Be-Ro Home Baked Recipes (41st Edition) book and at the weekend I was flicking through the books and found a lovely little Cup Cake recipe. My partners little boy … More

Bundles of Fun in the Sun

Our TED Staff have been out and about in Lincolnshire exploring in the sun and finding interesting local areas to share with you along with facts about where they are walking! Have you been out walking or exploring more of the area you live in? Have you found out anything new or exciting about your … More

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