Your Wellbeing Matters – Day 3 (Challenge)

While most of us are at home, have you been busy doing any DIY, gardening or sorting out the items in your house? Are you are using this time at home to declutter? Your reasons might be to sort through your belongings or to just tidy up , but this is often also a visit down memory lane and a view to what you find important in your life.

Wellbeing as we have discussed on previous posts has a big impact on our mental and physical state. Often feeling organised and decluttering your life has an enormous and positive effect on our wellbeing. The reasons to de-clutter might be that:

• Having things we don’t need around us not only physically clogs our home and surroundings, but mentally our minds too

• The guilt of avoiding cluttered areas in our homes goes

• You feel you have room to think and more time to enjoy life

• You reduce stress and anxiety

Once you begin decluttering you might start feeling more clearheaded and happy. It’s not about minimalism but about achieving a friendly and practical living environment, creating somewhere you enjoy being! Sometimes it’s simply about having the peace of mind to know where things are and what you can do with the things you have.

If you know how your mind works you know what can help you become more productive. If I feel like my life is cluttered or my home is a mess I don’t work well, my organisational skills slip and I forget things, get distracted by my surroundings, randomly cleaning parts of the house when I should be doing something else and I often begin to feel muddled.

I struggle to live well in a disorganised environment but this definitely does not mean my home is immaculate 100% of the time. I enjoy my space and I am absolutely comfortable with temporary mess, this is a healthy way to live. There will always be forms of mess around us and that’s okay.

Sometimes we need to learn to let go, even if it only of one item. Something you have fallen out of love with, maybe an ornament, an item of clothing or some books you have finished reading. All these items that might now clutter your home would possibly be cherished by someone else. But the ‘learning to let go’ is one of the biggest hurdles people seem to comes across. It is best to start small and then begin to walk around and re-evaluate what items you wish to keep and what could be donated to someone else.

If you do find items that you would like to declutter, please think about donation it to a local charity who will appreciate anything you wish to give.

To think and reflect on our own wellbeing we have created a 30 day wellbeing challenge, with activities that you can do at home. Here is day 3

Something to take you away from thinking about your list of jobs, things you want to change or what you are worrying about. These tasks are a time to unwind, think about yourself and do something to give your mind a rest.

If you would like to share which of the challenges you have been doing please share with #TEDWellbeing or email a comment (and picture if you would like) to to show that we are all in this together.