Keep Calm and Stay Busy

We have been getting some wonderful updates from our YMCA Community Lincs team regarding what they have been doing to keep busy while at home.

Lisa, from the TED Team shared the lovely images below of her early morning run with Indi the family dog, across the Lincolnshire fields. Lisa runs every morning and occasionally takes the dog with her for company!

Janet and her husband have worked hard over the weekend to design and create a herb planter from an old pallet. Which I have to say looks great!

Jane A from the TED Team, has found a way to take a break from a screen while working at home and had been doing her exercises in the garden to add some fresh air into her daily routine.

Our colleague Sarah has taken up running with her daughter. She quoted “Here is a picture of the fields where I’m (trying to) run after my daughter while doing the couch to 5k.”

The Couch to 5k is designed for people who would like to start running who might have no prior experience but would enjoy having a plan to follow with an end goal.

Roisin has been very busy re-decorating her dining room during her spare time and across the weekend. After getting the room re-plastered she commented on the high number of paint coats the room needed was keeping her occupied. She has even been re-painting all the chairs for her dining room table!